Cats Are Better Pet Then Dogs: Reasons behind It

Cats Are Better Pet Then Dogs: Reasons behind It

It seems to be a war like cats vs. dogs and cat’s owners vs. the dog’s owner. People who are ambi-per-rous means those who love both cats and dogs are also there who can’t compare both of them. But when it comes to grooming the pet then it is quite the same for both. Fleas, pests and many other problems are common for both. Revolution for cats and dogs is available in the market that can help you in keeping your pet healthy and flea free. But here we are going to have a slight fight against dogs and cats. Cats are supposed to be the good pet as compare to the dogs and here are some of the reasons.

Quite– Cats, as compared to dogs, are quite means dogs are sometimes frustrating and barks continuous making the owner irritated. But some of the breed in cats like Siamese can be more vocal but here the owner need not have to use the earplugs. Dogs seemingly bark when so much as the flea farts.

Low Maintenance– Cats are more self regulate their feedings. That means if you put the bowl full of their food they will eat as much they need it but on the other hand, dogs if not given the adequate amount they keep on eating and eating.

Self Reliant– The situation of keeping the pet alone at home comes and cats are found to have the separation anxiety as compared to dogs. They take the nice nap when they are alone but if we talk about dogs they are not good when left alone at home. Sometimes they become destructive, anxious and neurotic and sometimes needs the care of the sitter.

Healthier– According to the study it is revealed that cats are healthier than dogs. Dogs are found to have health issues like a skin infection, arthritis, allergies, and patellar luxation. But on the other hand, cats are healthier and live longer than dogs.

Self- Trained– It is seen that the owner of the dogs have the problem to give training to their dogs while the cat owners don’t have this kind of problems. Cats have the natural instinct to bury their pee and poo. For the cat’s owner, it is quite good to have the kitty’s litter box clean at the corner of the house.

Both cats and dogs are the cute and beautiful creature and are the best companion of humans. People love to have cats and dogs as their pets but having them is not sufficient to be a good owner. The job is very responsible. You have to take care of and show concern over every aspect that can affect their health. There are just a few reasons that make the cats better than dogs as the pet. But if you are looking for the affectionate pet for your family and kids then both are good and loving. But if you don’t want lots of efforts on your pet then cat should be the better choice for you.

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