Is It OK To Collect German War Memorabilia?

Is It OK To Collect German War Memorabilia?

As many of us know, war is a rather unfavorable thing to happen. Wars in the past represent a lot of bloodsheds where many brave soldiers fought, risked, or sacrificed their lives for loving and in the name of their country. This begs a very debatable question which is, it is okay to collect German War Memorabilia? Many of us are familiar with the war that Germany had waged and many had suffered the effects of their choices. To make it clear for you, here are some things to consider if you want to get German War Memorabilia.

Where It Isn’t Allowed

Before we get onto the fact of whether or not it is okay, we should actually consider where it would be prohibited or not. For instance, in Germany, the use or possession of any items that feature the Nazi insignia on it is actually prohibited. This was established after World War 2 was over. So for example, a Nazi armband would probably not be allowed if you were to live in Germany. Other countries may not look into your war memorabilia as much.

History Fans

Some people just love learning about history, no matter how gruesome or strange it may be. It signifies a lot about what people have been through in the past. Even if it isn’t a piece of history that was approved by many people now, history buffs may still enjoy owning historical war artifacts in their own home. These pieces to history fans would represent a lot more stories rather than them actually appreciating what happened with the items themselves.

A Second Opinion

Of course, not everyone may be very comfortable with the idea of German War Memorabilia, and it may be understandable as to why. If you had a Nazi armband in your war memorabilia display, someone might question why you have such an item. People always see items very differently and you may have not even been a fan of the war itself. However, it is undeniable about how much history may have behind that piece.

Some people would be surprised why a person would spend money on items that others might find horrific. World War 2 plays a sensitive subject for many people, but as we mentioned earlier the owner of the German War Memorabilia might be a fan of the history behind the item itself rather than actually approving of the actions of the past.

A private collector had once stated that the goal isn’t necessarily to collect these war memorabilia but to contextualize them. Another issue he stated with German War memorabilia was that many may not want to directly create a market for it, because you don’t want these items to be with the wrong people. Some people may even just have these items with them for aesthetic purposes.

So to summarize, there may not be a direct answer whether to having German War Memorabilia is okay. It is purely subjective since the answer would really differ from person to person. However, it would most definitely just be okay if you have the items for historical purposes rather than approving of what the items symbolize.

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