Microsleep – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Microsleep – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Sleep deprivation is a serious condition that affects your performance at work. So, what is sleep deprivation? This condition results to experiencing microsleep the next day.  It refers to the period of sleep that lasts for just a few seconds. Have you ever realized lack of alertness while attending a meeting? You might be experiencing a condition referred to as Microsleep.

Microsleep occurs several times during the day. it can be early mornings when you just arrive at the office or it can be late in the afternoons. There is no definite time when people experience microsleep.

So what could be causing microsleep? It is important you identify the common causes of this condition. This is necessary so that you can find out the best approach to fight the worse condition that affects your ability to perform well the next day. In other words, understand the causes and how you can prevent the condition, you can effectively improve performance at work. Here are the common causes of microsleep in adults.

  1. Sleep Deprivation of a Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is a serious risk factor and can happen if you are having insomnia. In addition, you might get sleep deprivation if you work over night shift or you do not get enough quality sleep for various Reasons. In other words, micro sleep is common in persons who experience sleep disorder because of various causes. Some common causes of sleep disorder include sleep apnea, and narcolepsy.

  1. Poor Sleeping Habits

Another common cause of microsleep is poor sleeping habits. Not maintaining a regular sleeping pattern is likely to result into microsleep the next day. This is because your body and brain will not get enough hours of sleep hence affecting your concentration. Another poor sleeping habit is not ensuring the bed and the mattress are comfortable enough. If your mattress does not offer enough support or the bed is uncomfortable, you will definitely not get enough closed eye. In addition, a bedroom that looks untidy and feels stuffy and that feels uncomfortable to lie in will cause the lack of sleep. Ensure that you are sleeping on the most comfortable mattress UK for better sleep every night.

What are the Symptoms of Microsleep?

The symptoms of microsleep include the following:

  1. Not responding to information
  2. Experiencing a blank stare while trying to reason out
  3. A dropping head
  4. Sudden body jerks
  5. Difficulties remembering what is said to you just a few minutes
  6. Slow blinking
  7. Inability to keep the eyes open
  8. Excessive yawning
  9. Constant blinking while struggling to remain awake

So how can you treat Microsleep?

There are different approaches that can be used for treating the condition. To treat the condition, ensure you are getting enough sleep. This is the number one method for treating the condition. A healthy sleep is one that ranges between seven to nine hours every night. Making a lifestyle adjustment and developing a sleep routine are important to improve the quality of your sleep. Therefore:

  1. Avoid caffeinated drinks before bedtime
  2. Switch off music, lights and sounds that can cause disturbance
  3. Ensure bed comfort and purchase a high quality adjustable mattress frame
  4. Avoid activities that stimulate you before bedtime
  5. Ensure the bedroom temperature is comfortable

Those are the best approaches for getting rid of sleep deprivation that is the major cause of microsleep. Beat this dangerous through those approaches.

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