What Makes Single Hung Windows Different from Double Hung House Windows?

What Makes Single Hung Windows Different from Double Hung House Windows?

In home renovations, your chosen house window design doesn’t only show your preferences and personal style, but the style you select determines to a great extent, the appearance and functionality of your home. See this weblink. So, when you choose to work with us, the first thing we do is to assist you in making the right decision for replacement windows. The right window should suit your budget, your aesthetic requirements, and functionality needs.

Selecting the right material for your windows can be challenging especially if you are doing window replacement for the first time. In this piece, we will dive into two main types of window styles: single hung and double hung house windows. After reading this, you will be able to make a solid, informed decision on which style to choose for your home replacement.

  1. Similarity.

They both slide vertically and are consist of two sashes; upper and lower sash. A sash is a squire or rectangular metal frame that hold the window glass in place. It is also composed of muntin that are elements that divide the glass panes into smaller pieces. In terms of how they look, both single and double hung windows appear the same when seen from far.

  1. Their Differences.

The primary differences between these two elements lie in the way they open. In single house hung windows, there is one operable sash-the bottom sash. The upper sash is fixed. However, in double hung windows, both sashes are operable. I.e., they can be moved up or down. This offers excellent ventilation and cooling effect during the summer, where warm air is allowed to leave the room through the top open sash, and cool air enters through the open bottom sash. Therefore, double hung windows have many movable parts than single hung windows.

  1. Features and Advantages of Double and Single Hung Windows.

The design of double hung window replacement that is so popular today is the one with the tilt-in feature. This design is effortless to maintain and to clean. The window can easily be cleaned while you are inside the house. However, it is hard to clean a single hung window from outside since the sash cannot be moved. Therefore, it becomes hard to clean windows that are located on higher flows.

Similarly, double hung windows offer excellent airflow and ventilation since all the sashes can be opened. You can regulate the amount of air entering the room by either opening the windows half-way or full.

For people who love keeping the window open to enjoy cool weather and excellent ventilation, this can be dangerous if you have little children around since they can accidentally fall through the window.

But with double-hung house windows, you can close the lower sash and still enjoy the breeze by opening the top sash.

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