How to Buy a 4ft Mattress for A Great Night’s Sleep for Tweens

How to Buy a 4ft Mattress for A Great Night’s Sleep for Tweens

Tweens spend approximately 40% of their time sleeping each day. That is why choosing a good mattress is so important.

When it is time to purchase a mattress for your tween there are some factors that you should keep in mind when  looking. You want the mattress to last him for several years because a mattress is a big purchase. You also want to be certain that the mattress provides enough support to get him through the many nights that he sleeps on it. This is especially important because tweens need proper rest in order to grow properly. If they are not receiving the right support from their mattress, they are at higher risk of developing back pains at an early age.

The trip you take to find your tween a mattress may be confusing and complicated when you realize how many different types of mattresses are available. Not only are there different brands, but also different styles, including spring type, memory foam, and coil, among others. Here are some factors to consider when buying a mattress that your tween will like, and you will feel comfortable knowing you are giving him the best support possible.

Mattress Options ~ The Good and The Bad

Parents sometimes assume that their children are flexible enough that it shouldn’t matter to them what type of mattress they sleep on. But, choosing the right mattress is of utmost importance because what your child sleeps on now can affect the chances of getting future aches and pains, especially lower back aches. So, let’s take a look at the various 4ft small double mattress specials that are available.

Spring Mattress

This type of mattress is not seen so much anymore. It is a comfortable mattress, and your child would more than likely sink right into it. The problem is that this type of mattress tends to keep body shape that eventually leaves an indentation. This is not good for back support. You can find spring mattresses in some stores or online, but they are becoming more rare. These mattresses cost less than other styles, if price is your main gauge for picking a new mattress.

Coil Mattress

A coil mattress can be quite firm, and many people believe that you have to sleep on a firm bed in order to avoid back aches. Research reports are saying this is not true. The theory today is that a mattress should feel comfortable from the beginning. You don’t need to “break in” a mattress. You can, however, choose a moderately-firm mattress for your tween that has extra padding on top to “give” as her body moves during the night. This is the middle line of mattress as far as pricing goes.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses that contour to your tween’s body are highly recommended by health professionals. They help to relieve stress off of pressure points in the body, such as the lower back. Unlike traditional mattresses, memory foam does not leave a body impression over time. It maintains its shape and level of firmness. You can purchase this type of mattress in different levels of firmness, finding one that fits your tween’s likeness. They are quite expensive, though, so they do not fit everyone’s budget.

A memory foam mattress pad is cheaper than the mattress and it can revive it for many more years to come.

Questions to Ask About Your Mattress Purchase

Talk to your pediatrician or family doctor about what brands or styles of mattresses they recommend. Then ask questions at the store to make sure you find what you both need and want. You want the mattress to support your tween where they need it the most. Ask questions not only about support, but find out more about the reputation of the mattress salesperson you are dealing with. Some just want to make their commission, while others will know answers to hard questions. Common questions you might ask include:

  • How do I tell that my child needs a new mattress?
  • Is the mattress fire-resistant?
  • Is a firm mattress absolutely necessary?
  • Are higher priced mattresses always better?
  • Do I need to flip this mattress?
  • Why should I buy a mattress from this store?
  • What is covered in a mattress warranty?
  • What do you do with beds that are returned?
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